Break Free of Negative Beliefs and the Weight That Clings To Them!

Break Free Ambassadors Program

Bring Suzi to You.

Would you love to attend a Full Day Workshop but just too far away?

So, bring Suzi to you!!

Our newly minted Ambassador Program can make that happen!

Do you know a lot of people? Are you a social media wiz? Do you know your community well?
Answered yes to all three? Great, you got this!
Answered yes to two? Ok, we can work with that.
One out of three? Hmmm, maybe still possible, but we’d have to talk about it!
Got nothing? Just moved there, don’t know anyone, use a map to get to the store and you have a flip phone? Buy a ticket and come see me!

The rest of you check out the Ambassador Program!

How it works is simple. You help identify a venue and with marketing, then if we can have a certain number of seats committed, presto! Suzi comes there!

For all your hard work, you get a free ticket to the event and a free private session with Suzi!

Interested? Click the link below and we will send you a bit more info!

I’m interested in becoming an Ambassador