Break Free of Negative Beliefs and the Weight That Clings To Them!

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Meet Suzi

Meet Suzi

“What’s my message? Actually I have a few, but the overriding one is we are all capable of creating and living a life we love” Suzi Nance

Suzi Nance, Author, Hypnotherapist, Speaker, Founder of Newport Center for Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Training, is passionate about helping others to live a life they love!

Along with a robust private practice, Suzi travels the country working with corporations, hospitals and organizations as well as families and individuals to help them identify and break through barriers that have been holding them back and help get where they want and can be!

Some of her greatest professional satisfaction comes from her work facilitating wellness retreats with wounded veterans and their caregivers.

With Advanced Certification in Pain Management, Suzi has become a trusted resource for hospitals and doctors. Working with their patients, running ongoing groups for Stress Management and as a frequently invited guest speaker.

Motivated by not only the vast numbers of people she has helped to transform their health and bodies, but also by her own journey of losing over 100lbs and reclaiming her health, Suzi has written her first book, “Break Free” on the shelves Spring 2019!

Suzi and her husband Bruce have three children and six grandchildren. They live in Newport RI.

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