Break Free of Negative Beliefs and the Weight That Clings To Them!

Ready for change?                                                      I’m here to help make it happen!

“Using her skills as a Hypnotherapist, guided by her innate ability to see through the muck, Suzi helps us see what’s truly holding us back, then empowers us to BREAK FREE and to start loving life again…at least that’s what she did for me!!
Molly, P, Workshop Attendee Texas

“Inspiring and engaging, one of the best we have ever had!”
“Fresh, new…just GREAT”
“Speaker had great energy”
“Thought provoking” “Excellent interaction between Suzi and audience”
“Learned a lot…laughed a lot”
Comments from NEACEFE Conference Keynote

“Suzi Nance is a brilliant speaker who captivates her listeners with her unique approach to embracing her audience with real-life storytelling and interaction.
Her ability to understand the needs and experience of any group makes her one of the most outstanding speakers and guests available today. Her insight, knowledge and understanding of several topics makes for an engaging, energetic and memorable opportunity, event or speaking engagement.
As an organization who has invited Suzi to speak to their global marketing, entertainment and sales teams, Suzi Nance not only owns the room when she speaks but leaves the group with thoughts they never would have otherwise expected.”
Caroline Galloway, EVP, Outreach Marketing Gibson Guitar Corp.

Break Free!

Why this book? Why the workshops? Why my burning drive to help others feel and look the way they want?

Because after a lifetime of dieting or beating myself up for not being on a diet, I know first-hand the price we pay for being heavy – the mental price as well as the physical one. The self-doubt, the shame, the missed opportunities, the tight waist bands, the lack of energy and the tired and achy joints.

Now I know how good it feels to feel good!! To wake up in the morning feeling strong and energized. I know what it feels like to love shopping, love getting dressed.

I know you too can feel this way. It is so doable, if I could do it, so can you and trust me it is so worth it!!!!

Stick with me, you will be so glad you did!!

Break Free
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Keynotes & Corporate Wellness

Suzi hosts personalized, on-site corporate wellness programs that help your staff make lasting, positive lifestyle changes. And when your employees are genuinely happy and healthy, you, in turn, enjoy:

  • Higher retention rates
  • Greater employee loyalty
  • Increased revenues
  • Decreased expenses

Depending on your needs, Suzi can present several types of interactive workshops or hypnotherapy sessions. Popular options include:

  • Stress Busters: You may think stress is just a normal part of office life, but it doesn’t have to be. Stress can have a significant impact on employee productivity, engagement, and overall health. In an empowering workshop, your employees will learn how to use their subconscious minds to manage and decrease stress.
  • Quit Smoking: Smokers cost their employers an average of almost $6,000 per year, per smoker. That money is lost in absenteeism, reduced productivity, smoke breaks, and health care costs. Hypnotherapy will help your nicotine addicted workers re-program their brains and finally kick their habit.
  • Healthy Living: For every BMI point an employee is above normal weight, you’re paying $194-$222 per year, per person. Poor food and exercise choices decrease productivity, increase health care costs, and spawn psychological issues. Whether your staff needs motivation, or to turn off years of negative thought patterns, hypnotherapy can be transformational.

Are you ready to experience how your company can benefit from the positive, proven effects of hypnotherapy? Contact Us with any questions you may have, and we’ll help create a corporate wellness initiative that will change your employees’ lives.

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