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Ready to Get the Weight off – FOR GOOD? Ready to start looking and feeling the way you want but need some help?

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A real plan that stops the yo-yo dieting?
A way to make healthy choices that come naturally and easily?
More accountability?
Ongoing motivation and inspiration?
Hypnosis recordings?
A place you can go for information? Great recipes?
Webinars and group calls with Suzi?
A great community to connect with?
A place where you can do it around your schedule?
Want it wherever and whenever you want?

We got it! You can find it at Break Free with Suzi Nance, our ONLINE

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What Break Free Members have to say…

KFSSo……tomorrow I turn 60! I’m so thankful for Break Free & Get Fit! I started my journey a week before Easter & set a goal to be at 145 by my birthday! I made it! I have worked hard, I have stayed the course, I trusted Suzi, because she has lived this life!! I do not feel deprived or even like I’m dieting. I’m making good choices!! The best choice was to start the program!!

Suzi, I’m so thankful for the tools that you have given us to make lifestyles changes not just temporary changes!!

CFWoo Hoo stall broken. Down 15lbs and feeling great! After some missteps and stumbles I am back on the path. Inflammation reduced, pain reduced and did a little jig when I saw the numbers this morning.

KSThank you everyone for the ongoing support & encouragement! We have family in this week and their visit has proven to me that I can make great choices when entertaining! I am the cook & cook hearty meals for everyone! Thanks to this program I have made great choices & not fallen back to back habits! I am so thankful for the tools we’ve been taught!

SK – Have I mentioned how thankful I am for this program? To date I am down 30 lbs. I am happier & healthier!! Thanks Suzi for encouraging us & believing in us!  Bonus….my husband has lost 20!!

DASo I joined this program and I thought I had to be on point…always so when I strayed I thought I would have to give up. But, low and behold I went on our Wed. Live and found out that others were struggling and wanted to give up too but didn’t. Through them and our fearless leader Suzi Conklin Nance I learned that this is part of being on a healthy journey, there is no negativity and every win counts. So count the wins and keep going. I did and now I’m back on track more focused then before and I will be successful. This works and the community is extremely helpful. Thanks

BC – In the last 2.5 years I have lost and kept off about 30lbs – the biggest reason that I was successful this time (after many attempts) is my hypnotherapy work with Suzi Conklin Nance. Suzi has put together a new online version of her program called Get Fit 21 Day Jump Start- it’s a membership program that can help you stick to a plan when you are ready- I highly recommend checking it out and giving it a try! Thank you, Suzi, for all you have given me!!!!

SF – Since I have been part of this group I can tell you that my inflammation has gone down, my mood is better and I’ve lost weight as a positive side effect!! The support is incredibly helpful and when you slip there is encouragement instead of guilt. Suzi Conklin Nance is amazing and you will love the way she runs this course!!!

DDThank you Suzi ❣️ And it all started when I attended that Retreat with you all! I went to my first work out class because of you! ❤️

AMSuzi Nance – I owe the weight loss to you for ending my eating habit inertia and getting me started on the right path!

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