Break Free of Negative Beliefs and the Weight That Clings To Them!

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Boost your team’s performance with our captivating Keynote Addresses and Corporate Wellness Programs, designed to elevate employee engagement, productivity, and health. Our customized services integrate the best practices in leadership development, stress management, and workplace well-being to create a positive work environment that drives success.


Energizing, warm, funny, smart, inspiring, refreshingly candid and real…words often used to describe Suzi.

Suzi is a connector, one on one or in front of hundreds…Suzi connects, to her audience and connects her audience to their power and ignites that power!

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Break Free  Signature Corporate Wellness Programs

Understanding… when your employees are genuinely healthy and happy, your business, in turn, enjoys:

  • Higher retention rates              
  • Increased revenues
  • Decreased expenses
  • Lower absentee numbers
  • Greater employee loyalty
  • Reduced healthcare costs

The BIG THREE issues that negatively influence the health and wellbeing of not only your employees personally, but your bottom line.

Stress – There is no doubt that stress is one of the leading factors in illness and absenteeism in the workplace.  It’s estimated that $300 billion is lost on stress-caused illnesses and absenteeism. Not to mention employee morale and productivity.

Smoking  – Each smoker can cost their employers almost $6,000 per year. That money is lost in absenteeism, reduced productivity, smoke breaks, and healthcare costs. 

Poor Food and Exercise Choices  For every BMI point an employee is above normal weight, you could be paying between $194-$222 per year, per person. Poor food and exercise choices can also decrease productivity.

Depending on your needs, Suzi hosts personalized, virtual or on-site corporate wellness programs that help your staff make lasting, positive lifestyle changes.   .

Popular options include:


Stress Busters You may think stress is just a normal part of office life, but it doesn’t have to be. Stress can have a significant impact on employee productivity, engagement, and overall health. In an empowering workshop, your employees will learn how to use their subconscious minds to manage and decrease stress.

Quit Smoking and Vaping

Smokers cost their employers an average of almost $6,000 per year, per smoker. That money is lost in absenteeism, reduced productivity, smoke breaks, and health care costs. Hypnotherapy will help your nicotine-addicted workers reprogram their brains and finally kick their habit.

A comprehensive meta-analysis looked at more than 600 studies, with over 70,000 smokers, that examined various smoking cessation methods. Overall, the analysis found some compelling results for hypnosis:

  1. Hypnosis was deemed two times more effective than self-care methods, like reading self-help books or quitting cold turkey and nicotine replacement therapy with nicotine gum and was three times more effective than physician interventions that involved more than counseling

Healthy Living  –Break Free and Get Fit
Our signature workshop and the catalyst to the best selling book “Break Free of Negative Beliefs and the Weight that Clings to Them” kicks off your employees journey to living in a body they love! This workshop helps them to release (for good) any excess weight they have been carrying and to start living a healthy lifestyle!

Offered in various ways, in this interactive workshop we delve into the workings of the powerful subconscious mind, discovering and understanding what has kept the participants from getting and keeping the weight off in the past and how to harness that power to make it happen this time! It also offers a solid plan complete with the strategies, resources and the motivation to make it happen.


All of our programs are initially offered with three different pricing and time options. However we can also work with you to customize any program to better fit your organization.

For every BMI point an employee is above normal weight, you’re paying $194-$222 per year, per person. Poor food and exercise choices decrease productivity, increase health care costs, and spawn psychological issues. Whether your staff needs motivation, or to turn off years of negative thought patterns, hypnotherapy can be transformational.

Are you ready to experience how your company can benefit from the positive, proven effects of hypnotherapy?

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