Break Free of Negative Beliefs and the Weight That Clings To Them!

Suzi’s Story

What’s my message?  Actually I have a few, but the overriding one is we are all capable of creating and living a life we love” Suzi Nance

Suzi Conklin Nance, Life Change Strategist

“Suzi’s intellect, passion, humor, energy, and conviction enable her to transform audiences. She provides people with the power, permission, and tools to become agents of change in their lives, businesses, and the world!”

  • C. Galloway, EVP Gibson Guitar

Suzi Conklin Nance is the author of the bestselling book “BREAK FREE of Negative Beliefs and the Weight that Clings to Them” and “PROJECT YOU: The Caregiver Toolkit”, a book Suzi was commissioned to write on behalf of military caregivers. She is a speaker and a Certified Hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, as well as certified in Health and Wellness Nutrition Planning through Harvard Medical School and Advanced Pain Management.

In her thirties, Suzi assumed the role of the second-generation president at Capitol Realty Company, one of the oldest real estate firms in Rhode Island. With a history spanning over sixty years, the company has thrived by upholding an exceptional reputation for client service excellence.

While she still holds this position, Suzi has been able to redirect much of her time and focus towards her passion for working with individuals and organizations. Her goal is to help them identify and overcome barriers that hinder their progress. She achieves this through her robust private hypnotherapy practice and by conducting life-changing retreats and workshops across the country. These workshops involve hospitals, law enforcement, military organizations, and businesses of all sizes.

Suzi’s dynamic personality, characterized by energy and determination, often sees her fervor and commitment taking her beyond expectations.

This includes moving from a mere desire to improve local beaches to securing a seat on the city council.

As well within six months of blogging about peace, finding herself at Sundance Film Festival where she was invited to speak with filmmakers and stars such as Kevin Bacon, ZZ Top, Liam Neeson and Chris Rock on personal peace and global citizenship.

Her interest in oil painting as a relaxation method unexpectedly led to Disney acquiring her paintings for the movie “Dan in Real Life.”

Her remarkable journey towards regaining her health and losing 100 pounds gained attention when it graced the cover of First for Women, a national magazine. The response from women across the nation who reached out after reading the article inspired Suzi to craft the Amazon best-selling book, “Break Free of Negative Beliefs and the Weight that Clings to Them.”

With her extensive and varied knowledge and experience, Suzi possesses the qualifications to genuinely address a range of topics pertinent to business, non-profits, student life, and personal empowerment.

Suzi’s extensive knowledge and experience provide her with the credentials to speak authentically on various topics relevant to businesses, non-profits, students, and personal empowerment.

However, it is her warmth, humor, and her ability to understand and accept people where they are that truly sets her apart. Whether working one-on-one or with a group of hundreds, Suzi forms a deep connection with her audience.

As one recent participant summarized, “When working with Suzi, you never feel judged. She is part coach, part champion, part therapist, and a significant part friend. She sees you for who you are and genuinely believes in your potential. She equips you with a roadmap and the tools to make your aspirations a reality, and she ensures that you follow through.”

Suzi and her husband Bruce live in Newport, RI, have three children and eight fun, crazy and very energetic grandchildren!